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Dryer quits working what do you do?

When an appliance fails, it can be time consuming and complicated to find the right solution. In case something as expensive and large as a dryer stops working, it may lead to costly repairs. Thus, you need to find out a quick solution to save your money. Dryers fail because of many different reasons. Even when you don’t have any technical knowledge, it’s easy to find a solution yourself. Here are the most common problems. This information will give you an idea about how to tackle the situation.


In case your dryer isn’t running at all, there might be some sort of an electrical problem. You should carefully check the outlet. It’s better to plug a working appliance in the same outlet. If this appliance doesn’t work either, the problem may be with the circuit. Either the circuit breaker may have tripped or there may be a blown fuse. It’s also possible that your dryer isn’t receiving the correct voltage. Wiring may also be loose or the power cord might be experiencing problems. You should call an electrician and get the electrical circuits checks.


Most dryers work only when the door is properly closed. When the switch to detect the dryer’s door is defective, your dryer won’t start. This switch can be accessed through the front or top of your dryer, depending on the configuration. This particular problem is common with some older machines. The start switch of the dryer may also be effective. It’s easy and affordable to replace both these switches. You can even call a professional from an appliance repair company.

Thermal Fuses and Thermostats

Controlling heat is important to the proper functioning of a dryer. Overheating is a very serious problem. Thus, most dryers come with thermal fuses. In most dryers, thermal fuses are placed in the exhaust ducts. A thermal fuse can blow because of excessive heat. In such a situation, it breaks a wire, and the dryer won’t heat or work. Most dryers also have several thermostats. They work similar to a basic thermal fuse.

A broken or faulty dryer can stop your dryer from working. In order to resolve this problem, you need to replace the thermostat or fuse. A blown thermostat or thermal fuse from overheating indicates a major problem. In most cases, the underlying problem is improper ventilation. Interestingly, a blown fuse also means that the dryer’s mechanism worked properly to prevent overheating.


The motor running your dryer can also burn out. It can get too hot, and fail to work properly. In most cases, this occurs with older models. Most people don’t have the technical skills or knowledge to repair a motor. Thus, it’s important to consult professionals.

When you experience any problems with your dryer, it’s always better to hire an appliance repair company for the job. Experienced and skilled professionals will make sure your problem gets resolved quickly. These days, you can find reputed companies on the Internet, and seek their affordable services. Before you choose a company, it’s important to focus on the company’s background, reputation in the industry and other factors.